Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Great Speaker Spruce-Up


 Hello everyone! So, yesterday's post was a little heavy, so here's something to lighten the mood!  I love crafts, so here is a DIY project that I did a couple weeks ago.  I already posted the before and after pictures, so these are all the steps in between! 

Here is the speaker before we started. Two for $15 at Goodwill!
Remove the screws from the back.

               Take the back off to get to the speaker face.                  
Remove the screws holding the face onto the front of the speaker.

                    Here is the speaker face you can recover.                   
Cut your choice of fabric about an inch or two around the speaker face.
                Fold the fabric over then put the screws back in    
                to keep track of the holes.         
              Here is how it will look after all the screws are  back in.

               Hot glue the fabric to the back of the speaker    
              face between the screws.
                       Meanwhile, have the hubs remove the         
                 metal accents.

                                   Paint it whatever color you like!                               
Put it all back together, and you get lovely end tables!
I've done a few other crafts recently that I'd like to share.  Keep an eye out for my no-sew t-shirt tank, that'll be posted next!  I'm also feeling a little bit inspired to paint, so I may have some art to share with you guys soon. When I'm on a roll, there's no stopping me!  Let me know what you think of the project, or if you have a cool idea to share.


  1. Wow, what a great blog!

  2. How neat that you can pin your creations on Pinterest from your blog. How cool is that! You are so smart! There is no stopping you now! Great job !