Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just A Sparrow

Today was my last day in the District of Columbia.  By this time tomorrow, I will be in my wonderful home state and will have thus concluded the saga known as "My D.C. Summer."   I can't believe it's over.  It has been a wild ride. 

From the day we started looking for apartments in D.C., I knew this summer would be like no other.  But I had no idea how it would all play out.  I figured we'd find a little studio apartment in Northern Virginia we could rent for 3 months and live very simply.  I figured I'd drive out here with Robert on an exciting road trip seeing lands I'd never before seen.  I figured I'd get a great 12 week internship with a theater like Woolley Mammoth or Studio or the Kennedy Center doing marketing or PR or education.  I figured Robert would make tons of money, and we'd get to spend a weekend in New York and go to the beach and go back to Illinois with more in our bank account than when we came.