Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Quick Catch Up

Well, guys, I'm back.

It's been a four month hiatus, and I know for most people on the planet, "who cares?"  But I was a little shocked back in February when I had at least five people tell me that they missed my blog.  FIVE! That's a whole hand!

I had actually started a few entries and documented some projects with the intentions of posting them, but taking the time to sit down and write has been at the bottom of my priority list lately.  What HAVE I been up to?  Good question.

Trying to stay warm, for one (it was a long winter, and spring is taking it's sweet time).   Working around 40 hours a week.  Laundry, dishes, picking up after my son... I mean my husband.  Yeah, my dear Tasmanian devil of a life partner is great training for motherhood.  I'm also up to 4 miles running.  My goal is to complete a 10K this year.  Any other free time I have is usually spent looking for apartment sublets or theatre internships because, oh yeah, WE ARE SPENDING THE SUMMER IN D.C.!

So, this Texas girl in a Midwestern world will soon be adjusting to a new environment.  Yay for life experiences.  I spent countless hours researching internships, writing cover letters, updating my resume and coming up with a diversity statement, only to come to a somewhat dead end.  I've gotten two rejection emails so far, two are still M.I.A., and one said that they would give me an answer by April 1st and it's now the 28th?  Not holding my breath.  Luckily, Robert's internship pays well so I'm not completely desperate for employment, but I'd like to start getting the ball rolling on that whole career thing.  I don't think I want to be a cafe supervisor/barista forever.  Nope.

Some wonderful events to break up the monotony, however, have included visits from some dear friends.  Back in January, Robert's best friend Greg flew up from Houston to spend the weekend with us.  We spent some time here and some time seeing the sights in Chicago.  It. Was. Frigid.  At one point it was about 2 degrees outside.  Wind chill factor of -15 or something insane like that.  But it was a good time with a good friend that we all needed.

Once the weather warmed up a smidge, my awesome friend and Theta twin Emily visited the Prairie State and the Windy City.  Our first day in the city was great, and we got to meet up with another pledge sister who lives in Chicago for dinner.  Good times.  I had to work the next couple of days, however, so Robert entertained her.  But for some reason, in the middle of March, Illinois thought it'd be a good idea to dump a foot of snow on where we live.  I had to drive nearly 100 miles at 40 miles an hour or less to avoid running off the road so we could get back to Chicago.  We made it there, thank goodness, got to do some sight-seeing, eat Chicago deep dish pizza, visit the top of Willis (Sears) Tower, only to arrive at the airport just minutes shy of Emily making her flight home.  Poor thing had to stay the night in stinky Midway airport and get a 5:00 am flight back to Texas.  Not the best way to end the trip, but definitely memorable.

The next weekend, the in-law's came to visit!  We had a great time.  We hit Willis Tower (again), had cocktails and appetizers at the Signature Lounge on top of the Hancock Center, walked around Millennium Park, saw the Magnificent Mile, ate more deep dish pizza, and visited the Museum of Science and Industry.  That was probably the best Chicago trip we have had so far because we packed in so much, and Robert's parents got to cross it off of their bucket list, so it was a win all around.

With all of these visitors, Robert has perfected his Champaign/UIUC campus tour.  We now have our usual spots: Radio Maria, the tapas place; Murphy's, our local bar; Milo's, our fancy brunch spot and Sam's, the hole in the wall with the life-changing French toast.  I'm still not in love with this little Midwestern city, but I am learning more about it and developing an appreciation.  If only it would just warm up!

I have noticed, however, that Illinois residents seem to be generally less happy than my beloved Southerners and Texans.  Maybe Southerners are just better at faking it. Or maybe it's the warmer climate.  Or down home comfort foods.  I don't know, but there are far too many grumpy Illinoisans with whom I come into contact on a regular basis.  I'm not sure if DC will be any different.  So much of the population there is so jaded because of all of the politics.  Thank goodness Robert's internship is NOT on Capitol Hill.  I just hope we can find new friends to spend time with while we are there.

But don't you fret, cyber-audience, I promise to document our new adventure.  Things have just been more dull here in quiet little Chambana, I haven't felt as compelled to share the details.  And of course, my best ideas for topics usually come to me in the middle of a shift or a run, and by the time I'm done, the inspiration has passed or I'm too tired to think.  So, I've been hibernating, if you will, and it's finally time to wake up.

I'll try to keep up with it better this time, though. To the five or so of you who mentioned missing my writing, thank you.  Feel free to comment with a little motivation or encouragement or a threat if I start to slack off.  Whether you enjoy keeping up with our current goings-on, or you like my little craft how-to's, I will do my best to never leave you hanging for too long.  That was mean.  I'm sorry.

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