Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ch ch ch ch chaaaanges!

Hey DC, guess who's comin' back for ya?!

That's right! THE SCOTTS!!!

So, that's it.  We're moving back to the DC area.  Maryland to be specific.  For good! (well, for the foreseeable future)  Robert got a fantastic job offer with one of the labs at Johns Hopkins University and he's going to finally be a big boy engineer!  I'm so proud of him.  He's worked so hard to get to where he is.  He's still working, technically, even as I type he's at the office cranking out that thesis.  So, when the warm weather arrives (warm weather? what's that?) in May, we'll be packing up and heading east.

I'm so so so thrilled to finally have a chance to really start my career.  I'm tempted to say start my life, but that's not fair.  I've had lots of great experiences in the Midwest, not the least of which is loving on that man of mine.  But I mean, come on.  Beautiful scenery, beaches a few hours one way, mountains a few hours the other.  Two large metropolitan hubs teeming with artistic opportunities.  New York City, my shining fantasy, just 4 hours away!  I only wish it were closer to Texas.  That's literally the only thing I'm even semi bummed about.

We're hoping to go apartment hunting over Spring Break, and I can get a good feel for the area.  Last summer, we spent a lot of time in downtown DC and Northern Virginia, so this will still take some getting used to.  But finally, a chance to start fresh, pursue my dreams, build a life.  I've never really felt like I belong here in Champaign.  I'm not a native.  I'm not a UIUC student.  I'm not from a farming family, or the Midwest.  We've been here a year and a half and I still feel like an outsider.

But we always knew this was temporary.  2-5 years.  Like a prison sentence.  That was my attempt at a joke the very first time we came to Champaign.  I guess we're getting out early for good behavior. :)

So, this Texas Girl in a Midwestern World will finish out the winter and welcome spring with a new adventure ahead.  We'll see if a new, DC/Maryland inspired blog develops once we arrive.  For now,  I'm trying to plan for the move, brush up my acting, and learn about our new state.  We're going to be Marylanders!  Marylandians?  Marylandites?  Well, whatever, we'll be getting new licenses and registrations and.... there's a lot to do!  I'll try to keep you all updated as we get ready to embark on the next chapter of the Scott saga!

And oh yeah, Hail to the Redskins! (please don't disown me for that (-; )


  1. Love that you are embracing the adventure called LIFE! Your blog is optimistic! So proud of you both!

  2. Hope your move went well and your husband's job is working out for him. I was trying to find an email contact to let you know that I featured your amazing American flag DIY tank in my post at Would love if you can share it with your social network